Sunday, November 6, 2011

Doernbecher 4 Campout Niketown Chicago = CHAOS!

Friday night on Michigan Ave in front of Niketown there was utter CHAOS!!

Lori, Brenda and I went back down to Niketown to show some love to the sneaker heads in line
and to our surprise there was craziness!! Police, Lists made by people in line, screaming and yelling and chaos all around!
Brenda, Lori and I opted to not campout for the DB's but thanks to @sole_closet we ended up with some great shots and a great quick video of the night!

Katy, Lori, Brenda Bee and I :)

Here is a great pic of the Chicago Police kicking everyone out!

But at the end of the night and with the rising of the sun everyone who waited patiently got the shoes they wanted!! Good Ol Chicago Politics for ya....You look like a sneakerhead there for you must be up to no good... Crook County at its finest. haha

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