Saturday, November 5, 2011

Girls Got Kicks the Chitown Edition!

This past Friday Chicago was blessed with the one and only Lori!! We were so Myself and Miss Brenda Bee were so excited to finally meet her and show her our lovely town in the few hours we did have her here!!

With that being said her Chicago experience began with Diana Shoes....

Our first stop on our "quickstrike" tour with Lori was Diana Shoes on Cermak! Its a great mom and pop shop that you will fall in love when you first set your eyes on the great collection they have! Diana's is my personal favorite go-to store when it comes to Jordans!!

Our second stop on our tour for Lori was Succezz on Michigan Avenue. We stopped in and we were lucky enough to see Tara of CopEmAndRockEm! Her and Lori chopped it up and spoke about Taras new line that drops on the 13th at Sneak and Eat!

Tara, Lori and Brenda Bee

Lori, Me, Tara and Brenda Bee!

Tara and Lori

Next on our tour was NikeTown on Michigan Avenue
where Jose gave us an awesome tour of all three floors and treated us like royalty! Thanks Jose :)

Than after our tour we made a special pit stop for Lori over at Garrett's Popcorn!! The lady loves her Chicago mix of cheesy and caramel popcorn!

You cant have a true Chicago tour with out leaving the Chitown with orange fingers from all the cheesy popcorn!!

We finally made our way to Akin Halsted!

All the fiends that were in the house Friday night! Good looking bunch of ladies!!

Astro Wifey step up shop and was all ready to have all the fiends with nails to match their kicks!!!

Let the nail design commence!! First up to bat was Jackie Gold Chains and let me say Ashley did her thing!

Next we had Brenda Bee up at the nail pop up shop! Ashley had Brendas nail game on lock with the matching nails to her Gucci Dunks!!

Future FSF Mia Hanson looking extra cute with her
Infared AM's!! Who also waited to her nails done to match her kicks!!

SneakHERbox and Brenda Bee

Elinda and Freddie!! The cutest sneaker lover couple!

Lori and Jose of Niketown

Due to this sneakerette and her skills on the 1's and 2's Miss Chantator we have great pics of Charisse of Kicks and Chicks juking on Sneakherbox with out her knowing!! LOL

Jackie Gold Chains killing the game with her Jeremy Scott joints at Akin!!

Aron of Akin and his daughter Mia with their Daddy/Daughter sets of infared AM's!

Finally after the event we headed over back to NikeTown to catch up with Carmen so that Lori could sign her copy of GGK!
Carmen was killing most of the dudes in line with her YOTR 2011's!

What a busy Friday!! I was so honored to have finally met Lori and read the book! I hope she had a great fews hours with us here in the Chi!! Huge shout out to Brenda Bee's for driving all of us around! I hope Lori had a great time here in the Windy City!!


CopEmNRockEm said...

Love this Ma! Looks like you guys had sooo much fun :) Thanks for the shout out too! Cant wait for the launch sunday!!!

Heelys said...

I have so much fun reading this blog. A lot of shoes that I can see and shoes adds fashion so much.