Monday, June 13, 2011

FSF Interview: Adena Andrews of espnW

Adena Andrews is a writer for the new espnW--espn's site dedicated to female athletes and fans--covering mostly basketball. I got to talk with her about what it's like working at such a famous "start up", how her kicks knowledge helps her in the locker room, and what kind of a baller she was like back in the day...

What do professional basketball players say about your kicks when you interview them?

I walk into locker rooms and the guys be like, “I see you with the lime green kicks!” Or they will say, “What you know about them Dunks girl?” Sneakers get me respect in the NBA world. My favorite sneaker head moment was when I was rocking some black and white Converse designed by John Varvatos. Anyway, I walked past Dr. J (yes, that Dr. J!) at an Orlando Magic game in Orlando. When I walked by he said, “Nice sneakers.” I almost could have died! Dr. J. Mr. Converse. The first ever dunk contest winner. The man whose picture was on my wall as a little girl, complimented MY SNEAKERS! At that point, I could have died a happy woman....

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