Friday, June 3, 2011

I need more Sneaker Variety

This past week I was thinking to myself that I have way too many Nikes in my closet. Now there is nothing wrong with having a lot of items by your favorite brand, but it's also good to spice up your life with a little variety. So as a promise to myself I'm definitely gonna start switching things up. First on my list is this Puma Suede aka Clyde Aqua/Purple

I'm really not down for low top sneakers, but the Puma Suedes get a pass. The color combo really caught my attention because I'm such a sucker for aqua/teal and purple. Definitely want to get these!

Next on my list is the Vans Zebra sk8-hi. I don't know why I didn't pick these up when they released a few months ago but these are a perfect fit for me! Zebra print on the sides and it's all black. I should have been on this sneaker since like yesterday. If you know of a store or anybody who's selling these in a wm sz 8/men 6.5, please leave a comment in this post.

Last on my list is a pair of Keep sneakers. I know I have mentioned this brand and how much I like them and I still can't believe I haven't gotten a pair yet! Smh! Hopefully I can get my act together a get a pair.

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The Sneakerette said...

I'm really diggin those Pumas!