Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crazy Lights live up to billing

I got my Crazy Lights last week and finally got to ball in them tonight. I've been balling all week, but outdoors, and these babies aren't up for that. (The outsole would be smooth way too quick; I'm worried about that even indoors.) SO...I waited. Tonight it was worth the wait! Here are my initial thoughts...

  • Great fit for my narrow feet. Really comfortable on the 1st wear.
  • The gym was almost 100 degrees and my feet weren't hot. Super ventilation.
  • The lightness did make me feel quicker. I definitely had more steals and fast breaks than usual!
  • They squeak! A lot. But you get used to it.
  • I do want to try the sturdier insoles. I forgot to bring them along, and at times I felt I could have used more cushioning.
  • And as a sneaker fiend as well as a ball player, I did love all the compliments I got on them! They look GOOD.
  • My team won.

$130. Goes down to a 6.5 men's at Footlocker. More colors coming soon.

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