Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SPARC your sneakers customizing event - Roxtoberfest RECAP!!

I AM BACK!!! It's been a while, yes, however I have been busy with orders and events like the one i am blogging about today. This past weekend myself and Pinkeye were invited up to Boston to participate in Mass Art's customizing event for Roxtoberfest at DS4SI (Design Studio 4 Social Intervention) along with other great Boston artists and people from Boston stopping in to see the studio! We were given our choice of either a pair of crispy white canvas Chucks, or the newest vinyl toy, STANCE, a blank sneaker canvas! Most of us chose the Chucks, and the coordinator of the event asked that the pair I customized be done for her granddaughter, which was such an honor!
Pinkeye's rendition of Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin episode just in time for Halloween, and my       design for Mass Art's Euka Holmes' granddaughter, Song.
Pinkeye and myself enjoying a day of painting in the community!
Boston artists, Logan, Aziza, and Jesse along with 2 other artists enjoying sneaker artistry together!
FSF's own Lori even participated, designing a pair for a friend's daughter!
Reebok graphic designer Shaona came with a pair of exclusive EA7's(see MORE PICS) on ready to have fun and paint!

To keep our motivation going, Public Kitchens provided us with some very tasty vegan food including their infamous jalapeno cornbread!

There weren't as many guests as expected, but it was great to just paint with friends! Check out MORE PICS!!!

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