Monday, July 25, 2011

Adidas x

Few months ago, Adidas Originals Spain chose a few websites and professionals soccer players to create their own Adidas Art Toy. was one the websites who had the privilege of having his own toy. Zapateca took inspiration from the Run DMC look, using black and red colorway.

The Art Toy are vinyl figures that urban artists customized to make them objects of worship. A creative power with similarities with Adidas brand values: authenticity, creativity and individuality. Instead of using one of the art toy sold in the market, has created an art toy specifically for this promotion, the adidas Originals art toy, unique and original.

This action was complete with an event in which the urban artist Zeta who customized the Art Toys gave them to the websites owners, like us,, a website running for a true female sneakerhead!

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