Sunday, December 12, 2010

Put your best foot out.

I love twitter! Its like the melting pot for all sneakerheads. I came across @roboticsole she and @MaRv3l0uS_S0leZ along with some other ladies are putting together a book on the sneaker culture and community. She reached out to me because she needs more SneakHERHeads to be featured.

Over the past few years, female sole lovers have emerged onto the scene kicking down all barriers and redefining the term sneakerhead! Not just known for their sick kick collections, females are knowledgeable about the culture; it's history, current releases and contributing to the community through various blogs, websites and online shows which sole purpose is to gather more followers and give female sneakerheads around the world both exposure and more recognition! SneakHERHead is a chapter in the upcoming book MY SOLE where female kick lovers are spotlighted and are given the opportunity to show the world their SOLES! If you are interested in being featured you must answer the following questions:

> 1. Name, Age, Shoe Size, Hometown & Profession ( please include a picture of yourself

> 2. When did you fall in love with kicks?!

> 3. What was the first pair of sneakers you ever purchased?! Why did you start collecting?

> 4. What are your views on some of the hottest sneakers only being releases in male sizes?

> 5. As of today, how many pair of sneakers do you own?

> 6. What is your favorite brand and or sneaker to collect?

> 7. Why do you feel that females are not given the recognition they deserve in the kick culture?! What are some ways you think females can make themselves known within the community!

> 8. What's one thing you want all male sneakerheads to know about being a female sneakerhead?

> 9. If you can have 1 sneaker that wasn't released in your size what would it be?!

> 10. How do you contribute to bringing female sneakerheads to the forefront of the community ex: sneakerhead, blogger, online tv host, company owner. However you contribute please give brief background info on how you contribute!

> 11. How deep is your sole?

> Please include as many CREATIVE pictures of you and some of your favorite kicks or collection as possible! Your page layout will be based on the information that is submitted!


> Please send complete submissions with answers and pictures by 12-26-10 to:

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lori said...

Great post Roc! FSF is going to do an intro to the chapter. Much love to the ladies making sure we're well-represented in the book!