Thursday, April 10, 2008

ProMama Winners!

Hey all, sorry for my delay in posting our March ProMama contest winners! I had to get back from the Final Four (go Lady Vols!) and Heart and Sole Party in Miami (go Florida FSF chapter!) We had many great entrants, and honored women from female pilots Bessie Coleman and Amelia Earhart, to singers MIA and Missy, artists Lady Pink and Matsushita Michiko, and some amazing moms and aunts. But at last, after sorting through wonderful art and some serious women's history lessons (go Elizabeth Stanton!), here are our top 3 picks. Thanks to all the entrants and to our judges, Mama and Kristen Wise from adidas. And thanks to Mama and adidas for the ProMama prizes!

From Kehinda Oshodi, recognizing Lisa Leslie. (Sorry for the change in format, I had trouble making it a jpg...)

[click on the images to make them larger]

From Angelina McClure, honoring Hatshepsut:

And from Asha Fields, recognizing Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf:

Being the first female president is tangible because one woman has accomplished the task. In 2006, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf made history as Africa's first female president! Until 2012, she holds office in Liberia, her homeland. Founded by freed American slaves in 1847, Liberia is the oldest of Africa's republics and a war-ridden country.

In 1980, Liberia experienced a coup, or violent overthrow of the government, by Master Sgt. Samuel Doe, who sent Sirleaf, who was then finance minister, into exile. Sirleaf reemerged and ran for president three times - in 1997, 2003,and 2006. The third time was the charm.

Sirleaf has promised to "discharge the duties and functions of the office of the president of the Republic of Liberia to the best of her abilities". "Stomping out corruption" is her top priority. Her approach earned her the nickname "Iron Lady", and that name is perfect for the adidas next shoe line. It's aggressive. And to think, when I feel powerful and fashionable as Commander in Chief , I will wear my Iron Lady's.

Congrats winners! Contact me soon so we can get your ProMamas to you.

To read more about the contest, or see the ProMamas, click here.

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