Friday, April 25, 2008

Reebok ups the ante on the April contest!

Hey all,
Reebok, our April contest sponsor, is upping the ante and making the prizes even juicier. For fans of the exclusive Reebok x Maeda "Emoretion" (below), they've now chased down additional sizes for us (originally we only had 2 sizes of the U.S. sold out shoe).

For folks who don't see themselves in the Emoretion, they've kicked in a FREE gift card good for your chance to design your very own pair of Reeboks on So check out the contest, and send us an entry by May 1st! For more details, click here.

(Here's my design of an Iverson Q3...)

(You can't quite make out the little "FSF" on the side, but it's there!)

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