Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I found a different brand to blog about today, Seychelles. They also offer boots and pumps. Read below for more info or check out karmaloop for purchases.

"Seychelles started on the beaches of Venice, California in 1984. In 1999, a new Seychelles team was formed. In search of a deeper meaning, we questioned everything, including "does anyone really need another shoe brand?" We saw that there was a significant shift in the way girls thought, acted and lived. The way they dressed reflected this new way of life. Vintage and boutique shopping was taking off. Girls with incredible personal style were void of a special shoe brand in the market; a brand that was unique and ahead of fashion. To describe this phenomena we coined the phrase "The Independent Edge"; embodying the spirit that girls can be anything they want to be - and they can do it on their own terms. Our mission statement... "To personify the Independent Edge while fulfilling your desires beyond what you dream and expect."

The styles of their shoes feature trendy names like; Bad Mama Jama, Always a lady and Dont' Waste my Time.

Pics and info via Karmaloop.com and


Anonymous said...

Hello, that is a BC Footwear sneaker (not Seychelles) www.bcfootwear.net

Anonymous said...

Are you sure they are Seychelles? I saw them in a store with the label BC Footwear?