Thursday, April 24, 2008

New boutique opening in Boston...

Expressions has already found one niche, now they're looking to hit their next. Standing firm as a top New England retailer of kicks and streetwear, they wield enough clout to get collaborations with sneaker companies, premier releases (like the 1st 23 XX3s), and famous guests (like the Simmons sisters reppin' Pastry Kicks). So far they've aced it as the around-the-way chain.

Now they're leaving "the Street" and heading for Newbury Street, the toniest shopping district in Boston. Their new boutique, "X Squared", is opening a block from Karmaloop, across from Niketown, same side as Puma. (For Boston visitors, Newbury Street is spitting distance from bodega, too.) These guys are taking on all comers. They show respect to all the boutiques in Boston, but they don't show any signs of fear, either.

So what are they bringing? Time will tell, as they open in the next few weeks. Right now the store is just finishing construction. I can tell you it has great lighting (natural and artificial), a high-tech atmosphere complete with XBox, robots, DJ booth and free internet, and a futuristic look.

But of course, the truth will be in the kicks and the service. For some of us, it'll depend more on their commitment to respecting their female customers and offering us a good size and quality selection. Word on Newbury Street is that they've got that in the plan.

I'll keep you posted and try to get some sneak peek pics up soon!

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