Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Busy Saturday [Part Four]

I told you it was a busy Saturday! And by this time its only like 4PM! So I wonder off towards the Bowery and go to WORLD NYC [] at 187 Chrystie Street. My man Dallas is in there holding down the spot. I met Dallas at a Takeover Theory Party like ages ago, and we connected but I never went down to his store. So what great opportunity than today I thought. He remembered me right away and I was flattered!

If you haven't been down to WORLD, its a dope spot. It's not your average "graffiti-inspired" Street wear Shop. You come in and see wood planked floors and atlases plastered all over the wall with props of the captain's ship essence and you're like whats is this? You wouldn't think you could buy kicks and dope t-shirts and fitted hats in this spot. But thats the beauty folks! Out-The Box kinda shopping experience!

Some of the Clothes and kicks in the shop.

Chillin up in the Spot with my Irish Green Mets Jacket and my Green/Wht/Silver AM95's!

We kicked it for awhile about clothes and kicks and where the trends are moving in the future. Eventually A-Money met me up there and she got a taste of the WORLD experience! She checked out some heat and loved the store! They carry a lot of international brands so you can cop stuff not even seen here in NY or any other spot in the states!

So after talking his ears off for hours lol and enjoying my stay there it was time to "Jump Ship" which is a great saying considering the theme of the store! Hop on down to WORLD and tell em I sent ya mate!

Dallas Givin FSF much Love! Even let me put Flyers in the Spot!

Thanks Dallas! We'll see you soon!

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