Friday, April 18, 2008

Living the Dream, Sneaker Design School

Drawings, mock-ups and mood boards- my life is fully full of them as well as my bedroom floor, days and weeks are merging into one, I'm living in a sketchbook!
Days have been spent refining the Final Designs for my range and trying to work out the best colourways and prints. Luckily, with a little help from Photoshop, I've found a way to speed up this part. When it comes to the final CAD drawings I've been making promises of free trainers in exchange for help to get everything as professionally finished as possible- it's fine to outsource workers, I hope...
Then there's yet another mock-up to be made (just completed the 4th one for each design now), adjusting the details of how one panel sits with another, changing my mind on having a raw-edge here, a folded one there. And then theres adding all those fine details so it all comes together apparently effortlessly.
I've also had to pitch my idea of how the exhibition set-up will look and how I'm going to sell myself. Without giving too much away the themes of 'something for the ladies' and 'sex sells' are the main inspirations...
ARHHHH 3 weeks left, I have a list as long as my leg and I'm crapping my panties!

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