Thursday, April 3, 2008

off to the Final Four!

This will be my third Final Four, and my first one in which my favorite team is actually coming too! Wooohoooo! (I had the bad luck of going to San Jose and Boston without them.) Yes, if you've always wondered why I wear so much orange, why I collect orange sneakers, or why my next dog will be named Parker, now you know.

Speaking of Parker, she barely made it herself. She just got cleared to play after dislocating her shoulder twice in Tuesday's slugfest with Texas A & M. I have my fingers crossed that she'll be okay. We really need her!

If I'm slow on emails, blogs and site postings, I apologize! I'm off acting like a fool for the Lady Vols! GO TENNESSEE!

PS--but I will be driving to Miami for the FSF party on Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

Ran across your site as an orange sneaker freak. Check out our orange'll probably like em.