Thursday, March 6, 2008

ProMama Give-away Contest!!!

Yes, adidas and Mama have teamed up with FSF so 3 of you lucky winners can have your own ProMamas! Good thing, cuz I wasn't sharing!

How do you win?

March is Women's History Month, so tell us about a woman in history (could be famous, could be your own history!) who you admire for defying gender roles, going beyond expectations, maybe even changing YOUR expectations of what a woman can do. Tell us how she's inspired you, how she symbolizes Mama's slogan, "always a lady", and what shoe would be HER signature shoe!

Here's an example I whipped up to honor "Peanut" Johnson:

You can use pictures or just words, but tell us about some great women! We'll pick three winners at the end of the month. Submit yours to and you could win these fabulous ProMamas and some love on the FSF and misscrew blogs...

Click here for more info.
Click here for more beauty shots in case you missed them...

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