Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Time to post our February "Show the Love" Contest Winners and Runners Up! Congratulations to ALL of our contestants; I've never seen so many poems about kicks! I might have to start a whole new page on the website...

Our WINNING poet is Diana Perez from Texas:

Kicks Crazy

Collected kicks like kids pick up daisies
I let all styles amaze me
Used wild styles to feel freed
First pair of Adidas planted the seed
Now it’s just me
The kicks are a reflection of my freshness
See the right sneakers on display
I go breathless
Can’t wait to rock them all day
It’s not about what people will say
It’s just the way they make me feel
I guess that thing they call kicks appeal
Like the perfect pair could help the world heal
And it’s true love I know it
Cause every time I lace my first pair it still feels real
Chicks, if you’re crazy for kicks
You gotta show it.

Our WINNING artist is Krome from NYC, an artist who has a couple of pieces of work in FSF's sneaker art gallery, as well as on her own site:

Our RUNNER-UP poet was Kehinda Oshodi from Boston.

Sneaker Fiend

Often imitated never duplicated profiles my style
Never sport a sneaker that ain’t worthwhile
Won’t see another on the street rep like me
From the throw back Jordan’s to the current industry

Got love for my sneakers no need to say more
Especially the Vans in which I rock hardcore
You’ll be amazed, got Puma’s for days
But don’t try to search, there not on eBay

Stacks of tennis shoes, for that last minute clutch
They add to the gear and give it the final touch

As a matter of fact,
My closets so stacked
Had to create another rack
Just to keep them in tact

Kicks so fire, too HOT for TV
Can’t go anywhere without the envy.

Our runner up artist was sneaker customizer extraordinaire, Imani, reppin' Artistic-Sole from DC. She brought Jimi in for "Bold As Love"...

Thanks again to February's sponsor, New Balance, who's giving our two winners a pair of these exclusive (and quite lovely) Chicken Runs:

And just to show we got love too, FSF is giving our runners up FREE FSF t-shirts. Thanks again for all the love FSF gets everyday. It means a lot to us!

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