Friday, March 7, 2008

NB ST33 Luggage Pack Launch in Beantown

This quarter's NB Super Team 33 is designed by Jon Grondin , representing the U.S. Region. His inspiration came from one of last year's ST33 parties, or more specifically, from sitting in an airport on the way home. He got to people watching, (which for some of us means sneaker watching), but since he's a designer and materials guy, he was luggage watching. Lucky for us he saw some very practical--and luxurious--materials! Here's what they inspired (on a 998 silhouette, for NB afficianados...)

I can personally assure you that the leather on the toe of this one (above) is the softest leather I have ever felt! I also like the 3M and cordura on the one on the far left. (But I'm still happy to leave home without some reptile skin luggage, which also reminds me of my mom's phaux-something address books from back in the day.)

The party had a solid crowd, but was a little short on sneaker content and sneaker heads. Nevertheless, I managed to find a few women wearing kicks, and a few sneaker friends from the Boston scene... (thanks to FSFer Kiara for all the pics.)

Me and C, a knowledgable sneakerhead from Concepts Store in Harvard Square. Here's to women who can actually drop knowledge about kicks instead of just be window dressing!

These were the only women we saw in kicks! Otherwise it was high-heel-pointy-toe city.

Here's part of the NB crew, including Joe (left) who's now in charge of the NB Lifestyle division, and Lauren, who's the one who got us our Chicken Runs for y'all...

Rob, aka Problak, serious collector and graf artist, still reppin' the 3 stripes at a NB party

Can't leave out Kiara, FSFer for life who always knows how to have a good time (with our friend Kwest)

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