Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes, Sneaker Design School

After spending time reflecting on designs already mocked-up, it dawned on me that actually one of them is, for want of a better word-WACK!
The original idea had been a trainer with a re-moveable collar, so the wearer could effectively change a low-top trainer to a high-top one. Most of the influence for this came from a dream a few weeks ago and after discussions with several tutors, that yes, it was a good idea. Mmmm, maybe when you're ten.
So the idea was dropped last night. This lead to yester-eve being a frantic designing session, with hope that a better design could be created in time for the tutorial timetabled for this morning. And incredibly I pulled it off. Several of the new designs were approved by the ever critiquing eyes of peers and tutors. This then lead to the rest of the day, without a break, being spent pattern-cutting and mocking-up one of the designs.
Below is the result

Admittedly its not completely finished, missing the tongue, lining and needs some adjustment. But considering 24 hours ago I was ready to quit, I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself!

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