Thursday, March 20, 2008

Soleless, Sneaker Design School

Once again the week has been spent cutting out, stitching together, altering, cutting out, stitching together...

This time I made it to the Making room and had enough time to last both uppers.
Below is what I managed in an afternoon

They are starting to take shape, but one small problem still exists- the SOLE!
After making a hasty purchase of some weird looking slip-on shoes, with the intent of cutting the sole off and sticking it to my upper (I have checked with tutors and this method of acquiring a sole is fine as I am only producing prototypes), it turns out that not every size 4 is the same length...This is a bit of shame, but I shall try again, this time taking a tape measure along to TKMaxx with me.

I'm pretty much happy with the patterns, but still don't quite have enough balls to start making the real finished trainers in the proper colourways, maybe next week.

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lori said...

You go Sneaker Design Gal! This looks HAAARD! Don't forget to get some rest, and keep us posted. I love the pics...
when do I get my first pair?? can't wait... =)