Friday, March 28, 2008

Bombing Clientele

So Thursday night A-money and I were on our way to a Converse Event. They were celebrating the Hund(RED) Artists who contributed on the project. Which by the way we didn't get it because their PR and planning sucks!!! I was RSVP but got denied???? I don't know. They better step it up.

Anywho, no sweat off our back, we totally took advantage of our time and grabbed some pizza and chilled in the village. So on our walk to the F Train, we passed Clientele right on Spring Street. After taking a peek in their windows and seeing the heat they have, A-money brought to my attention that they don't carry nothing for the ladies.


This is turn starting raising my body temperature!!!

So I got revenge and left a message!!!

Isn't Beautiful!!! I know Fee would be proud of us!!!!

You think they will get the message on Friday morning?

Lets Hope or I'll be Back!!!!

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