Sunday, September 28, 2008

Text your vote!!! Luck or Steele??

For one week World Star Hip Hop will broadcast the fierce rap battles between Lady Luck and Rece Steele for 25k and they want YOU to vote for which female emcee should take home the cash!! Here are the stats - Lady Luck is an emcee from Jersey who has been doing her thing for quite some time now independently and has battled Bronx emcee Remy Ma before. Now fellow Bronx emcee Rece Steele, who won 100k on VH1's Miss Rap Supreme and whose mother just happens to be an ol skool emcee herself, steps up to the plate!! This was a highly anticipated battle of the ladies with 2 previous battles recently on DJ Famous Radio! The battle went down on Sept. 27th at the National Black Theater in Harlem. There were other battles with Mysonne vs E Ness and T-Rex vs Tech 9! Text your vote now!!! FOR LADY LUCK text MOTV03, or FOR RECE STEELE text MOTV04 to 99134

1st Encounter at DWI Studio/FAMOUS Radio 91.9 FM

2nd Encounter..They almost fought!!

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