Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Niketown 5 on 5 Part 2

Now that my intro is done :) I wanted to get down to what was in the spot!

The event was on the Fifth Floor there which many of you know as the Nike ID Clinic Floor (which is insane as they have all these new features exclusive to them that you can't get online, but well get to that!)

It was a nice mixed crowd (Ladies rocking shoes to a kicks event? Ehh...who am I to judge lol) But I had my Green 95s on so I didnt care.

The dressing rooms were all themed out, 6 in total on that Floor.

One was the AF1 room...All decked out with AF1 wallpaper and exclusive AF1 in clear cases.

Another was The Phil Bowerman Room

Another was the "Hot Air" Air Cushion room with walls of air cushioning!

Then the Dunk Room with a Giant plexi "fishbowl" of Dunks as the wall

So while rumbling through the store I spotted these!...I fell in love! What ya think Lori? Will you give Pink a try if its with Orange? LOL (I know the answer is a GIANT NO!!)

More to Come!

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lori said...

Nah, not feeling those, sorry! But I love the softball shots of Baby Pink Eye!