Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Niketown 5 on 5 Part 3

So A$ is prolly gonna post more pics that she took so This will be the final round for me!

So we mingled, we drank, we munched, we grooved but I love going to this spot. I go to a lot of moms and pops shops but its dope to go the the "sports" oriented sneaker spots at times too. You get a sense of the athleticism back instead of just "hot kicks" looking at trainers and history of sneakers etc. Maybe the Olympics got a hold of me too as I used to play softball back in the day (4 Years VARSITY Baby yea!) Do I dare post a pic??

Here ya go!

Look at that sense of CHAMPION on my face! YEAH!!

So now that you finish with your laugh, back to the rest of the event.

Speaking of Kicks did you peep the ones on my Feet in the top pic? Yeah man, the Air Terra Humaras...I loved those kicks back in the day. I dressed them up and down. And guess what I find at Niketown tonight?


I'm all over these!! I been looking for them for a minute now...

So anyway, We ran into our own ILL P as well.

Shout out to Lou from Kicksclusive who was in the spot as well!

Me and A$ got up on the NIKE Ids as well and had fun with all their new features!

Peep the Pink Eye Heat coming from their Lab soon!

Much Love! Talk Soon!


$A$ said...

OMG I look just like my mom!!! lol

Ill P said...