Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Guess who's Bizzack!

Hey Hey FSFers! Its ya girl Pink Eye! I been gone for soooo long! Taken a lil time to relax this summer, get my beach on...and painting kicks too...But always rep For my Ladies!!! Fetti got in my "backside" lol about being on here and I said she's right I gotta get back on here...Ive missed you guys!!!

So lets get to it! and what better way to get back with attending a Niketown Event! Me and A$ went out 57th and Madison Niketown Store for the Five on Five Event and it was dopeness all the way! Free drinks...Finger Food..And FSF!

Dj Teddy King was on the 1 and 2s bumping good sole music and even gave us Love by rocking a FSF sticker on his Equipment Case!! Always a good Look!

We walked around and FSFed everyone to Death! Cause thats how it needs to be done!

We met many of the girls that are staffed at Niketown and alot of them are on the FSF forums etc but I told them we want them to get INVOLVED!!! All of them were so nice as we laughed and had a good time and they get paid for that??? And they were all rocking Kicks to make me drool!!! Go Girls!

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