Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Stuff at J4K Apparel

Remember these guys?!? Well if you don't click here for a refresher :
Well they are back with two new designs called Where are you Yeezy?
Where are you Yeezy?: These two new shirts are made to go with the Air Yeezy in the Black/White & Grey/Black/Infra-Red. The shirt features an image of Yeezy himself and includes the lyrics to flashing lights in the background and asks the question at the end, "Where are you Yeezy"? When are the shoes gonna drop anyway? That's the question (now that he's been arrested are they gonna drop?)!!
The cost is a reasonable $13.99 for S - XL and $14.99 for 2XL & 3XL (as usual) and expect other colorways to drop after the sneakers release. We're having a promotion right now also where if you buy 4 shirts shipping is free, anywhere in the world! The Where Are You Yeezy Tee is now available at The Retro Sole on eBay. The J4K Apparel website will also go live 09/20/08 and will have several new releases!

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