Thursday, September 4, 2008

My POV of Niketown 5 on 5

Okay so as you know Lady Pink Eye(Glad to see you back on here trollop!!!) and I went to the Niketown's 5 on 5 event. And I must I was pleased, everything from the kicks to the atmosphere and the fellow females fiends was cool. Even the food and drinks was off the chain!!! If anybody from that catering service who is reading this blog knows that chicken recipe you need to holla at me cause it was the bomb!!! Peep the pics.....
One of my future purchases

We already picking out shit

Approval rating: Greattt!!!

We all had the hottest pairs of kicks in there!!

That's Right FSF makes drinks too!!

Yeah she's gone off to the land of dunks

My getaway van

Yeah I know girl it was a tough decision

Look at her, she thinks she's G?

Shout out to Deion in the Nike ID lab. Oh yeah and Fee Homegirl in the green in Pink Eye's post said she's been looking for you she said you owe her $50!!! j/k

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