Monday, May 5, 2008

So I havent posted that much lately, as ALWAYS it´s been crazy at work but now spring/summer is here and it´s my time to shine. Nothing better than to have a outdoor job at this time of the a little update on what is going on my side of the globe:
Me and my online buddie crucial_h(Henrik)finally meet up after talking on Sneaker Play for some years. So you could say that Sweden had it´s first Sneaker gettogether(with two people lol that both have their eyes closed on the pic!!!).

Me and DECIDA(dancer, writer, stylist, this girl has Sweden on lock)we are gonna try to do something BIG. Don´t know all the details yet, but it´s gonna be a site that covers all the cool stuff. And I´ll be writing about stuff that interests me. I have high hopes for this project...I´ll let you all know some more details when I find out more. But it looks like it´s gonna launch in two-three weeks so remember where you heard it first

And I guess I was featured in one of Swedens biggest magazines today, a full page. Havent seen it yet, my mom and best friend called me and just told me about it. So I´ll have that up on the site this week for all of you to check out(I hope theyve used the pic of me rockin my superfly FSF hoodie that Fee sent me!!!)
So that is all for now folks. I´ll be back SOON with more news, now I´m gonna crusie the swedish streets in my new OG AM1´S!!!Take care

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