Sunday, May 4, 2008

more pics from Sneaker Galaxy...

La Don and Ayanna and their 13 featured artists did something we didn't think could still happen: throw a sneaker-related party with fresh ideas and a new look! The glow-in-the-dark theme was well done and really fun, the all-female artists and DJs were fabulous, and the whole shebang was a good time. Congrats ladies!

La Don and Ayanna cheesing cuz their party was GREAT. (or just cuz they're in luv =)


FSF & Younity

JenOne with her sneaker pillows!

Ever had sneakers that matched your favorite painting? Hot.

Ebony's SDTV kicks

Every Sneaker Galaxy needs Spacemen, right? These guys were great.

Leah had some dope sneaker photos and also did a photo booth for the event!

Bobbito showed his support by coming through AND donating some fly new kicks for the cause. Go Wes! =)

And here are (most) of the artists! Great job ladies!