Saturday, February 23, 2008

Reebok's Freestyle World Tour Collection

    The Tokyo Freestyle sneaker debuted in February represented by
Ai Yasuda, one of Tokyo's first NFL cheerleaders. The sneaker reflects
the city's energy with bright neon colors and an infused foil print
similar to Tokyo's subway map.

 This September, during London Fashion Week, the London piece of
the collection will debut in all its patriotic glory as the Tower of
London's iconic raven is embroidered on the Freestyle's heel. The London
collection will be represented by the talented DJ Nikki Beatnik.

 The Paris sneaker makes it debut in March and will be
represented by French singer/songwriter Yelle (listen to one of her
songs on our MySpace page: The shoe
design is a bit femme fatale as it incorporates pink bows with it's
black and red theme.

The Madrid line debuts in July and is represented by top Spanish model
Bimba Bose. The sneakers and products are inspired by traditional
Spanish flamenco dancers.

 The New Delhi kicks will become available in May and will be
represented by Bollywood actress Sagarika Ghatge. The Indian-inspired
sneakers and apparel resemble traditional Indian clothing with vibrant
colors and adornments.
** All pics and text taken from the Reebok Freestyle World Tour Collection site @

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