Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Converse turns 100!

And boy, do they have a lot to celebrate over the years:

--the most popular kicks of all time (Chucks)
--the best dunker ever (I named my cat after him)

--the best college frosh/pro phenom (yup, Jordan wore Converse when he sunk the National Championship winner against Georgetown)

--the biggest stars of the 80s (Larry Bird, Magic and more)

--One of the best players of the new decade (DWade)

And for those of you into kicks, ball AND history, check out their Black Fives Century Pack. These sweeeeeet leather hightops celebrate the history of Converse and the Black Fives, some of the best ballers and teams of the 20th century, period. Go Converse!

Which leaves the question: Converse, where are your women ballers?

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