Monday, February 18, 2008

Converse turns 100! part 3

Dear Converse,
I love the Black 5s Century Pack. It's beautiful, and it honors some of the game's best players who are often overlooked. In fact it inspired me to suggest another Century Pack for you: the All American Redheads.

All American Redhead Spanky Losier (above)

This amazing team barnstormed America for 50 years, bringing some of the best women's basketball to gyms from Alaska to Florida. From 1936-1986, these women played by men's rules (remember early on women's rules were quite different), and regularly beat men's teams. And all this despite the fact that they sometimes played over 200 games a season, had to drive everywhere (in a team limo, not even a bus), and even put on halftime shows while the guys' teams rested. (Like one woman who would kneel at the free throw line and calmly make up to 50 baskets in a row!) Oh, did I mention that they wore Converse?

Spanky Losier's Converse

If you want more information, just check out:
C'mon Converse, this is story just waiting for kicks!

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C Clark said...

loved my chuck taylors, till the leather converse became my favorites!