Saturday, February 9, 2008

Patterns, Sneaker Design School

So after a week or so tracing lines, drawing and refining I've finally started pattern cutting! This is by no means an easy feat, and takes a very steady hand. Mastery of a scalpol and cutting through the middle of a pencil line requires the accuracy of surgeon.

My last covered in masking tape and a vacum-form of it.
The Last is a solid plastic shape that defines the shape of the shoe. It is used for pattern cutting and when the shoe is being made, it is used as a 'mould'.
The vacum-formed plastic can be drawn on to test where the design lines are going to fall in 3D and hopefully help improve the design and drawing.

Below are a couple pictures of designs and a pattern form (this took me all day, I'll spend another mocking-up in scrap leather and then have to make nessecary alterations).

The point of learning to pattern cut is to understand how to design better. Making a 2D drawing into a 3D object requires imagination. Drawing skills improve once you start seeing how the design actually works in 3D.

It's surprising how much you need to adjust and how much of the design needs to be altered so that your foot can fit in to the trainer.

I now have many hours ahead of me to become anal about designs,lines and stitching. Perfectionism is an art and the more attention to detail the better the fit.

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