Sunday, August 31, 2008

Le Coq Sportif -- the Sporting Rooster is here!

You guys know I'm always open to an off-beat brand, so here's a look at what Le Coq Sportif, aka the Sporting Rooster, are bringing for the ladies these days...They've taken some old school styles and hooked them up with new materials, colorways, etc. What do you think? I love the first one, unsure on the 2nd (someone could rock the hell out of them, but not me! Very French, perhaps?), and the 3rd?? Wow. No can do.

Deauville Deluxe

Davis Cup Hi



$A$ said...

Yeah Im going to need those tall houndstooth kicks like asap!!

FETTi said...

i can do the eclat!! definately!!!