Saturday, November 3, 2007


The Showroom NYC to Host Opening Reception for YOUNITY’s “Crossover: Fusion of Female Stylez, Ideaz and Skillz” exhibit

New York, NY (November 1, 2007)—Female art collective YOUNITY presents their first commemorative show entitled Crossover: Fusion of Female Stylez, Ideaz and Skillz on November 16, 2007 held at The Showroom NYC from 6-9pm. The Crossover represents the diverse population of women who can reflect upon others’ life experiences as well as share their own. The event will feature work by painters, photographers, graffiti artists, designers and craftswomen from all different backgrounds.

Some of the artists include: Lady Pink(NYC), Martha Cooper(NYC), Swoon (NYC), Alice Mizrachi (NYC), Toofly (NYC), Queen Andrea (NYC), Faith 47 (South Africa), Shiro ( Japan), Amanda Lopez (LA/SF), Mama (SF), M.I.S.S Crew (SF )Alexia Webster (South Africa) Alexandra Kiesel (Berlin), B.I.C (Netherlands) Cece Carpio(TYS) Diana McClure(NYC) Diana Schmertz (NYC) Flo Schapiro (NYC) GMO$ (NYC) Helene Ruiz (NYC), Jennifer Grant (NY/SF) Laylah Amatullah Barrayan (NYC) Lexi Bella (NYC) Lisa Case(NYC) Meredith McNeal (NYC), Muck (NYC), Niz (TX), Not Bad for a Girl (UK) Petra Moser (Linz) Paulina von Ahistrom (NYC) Vanilla Medallions(NYC)

The art will be on view (by appointment) in the gallery until December 5, 2007.

YOUNITY’s youth team will be part of the event as they document the opening night as well as assist in the installation and preparation of the exhibit.

The mission of YOUNITY is to create an international collective of female artists, designers, photographers and craftswomen. These participants will support each other by joining forces on projects, helping to build networks, providing resources, and creating community awareness with the help of young people. It serves as a bridge that results in artistic mentoring, communal support, and the production of collaborative art shows that promote women in the arts.

The Showroom NYC
117 2nd Ave., 2nd Floor
Ph: 212.673.5424
Fax: 212.673.5450

For more information, please contact YOUNITY
Alice Mizrachi
Toofly ( coming soon!)

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