Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pics From Black Mamba NYC Launch Party

Val + Coco (Black Mamba) X E/Pink Eye + $Amoney$ (FSF)

Hey guys...Me and A-Money went out to the Black Mamba NYC Launch Party at Plan B in the East Village and those mamba girls can parrrtay! lol It was great to Meet Val and Coco and some of their peeps. Ill P was in the house doing her thing on the 1 and 2's. They all were sporting some tees from the Black Mamba line (gotta get mine!) It was a great nite filled with networking, a few drinks and great music! The way every nite should be!!

Check out some pics from the party below and make sure to visit them online!

W W W . B L A C K M A M B A C L O T H I N G . C O M

The girls can partay!!!

Meeting Some New Folk outside!

Nola Darling! They did their thing on the mic! Check them out:
Ill P!!!

Photos by: Peter Giang

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Karol said...

i love it!!!