Thursday, November 15, 2007

bdga x converse Jack Purcell out this weekend!

Boston's bodega sneaker spot teamed up with the folks at Converse to come out with this beautiful perfect-for-fall combo of soft leather and red plaid. Jack Purcell designed the original back in the 30s, but he might not have imagined this stylish application...

Now, if you're wondering what you're gonna wear with them, I was too. I went online and did a little research for all of us... It's just hard to pick which to wear first!

Oh yeah, the good guys at bodega have a hat to go with it! They all come out this Saturday (11-17) and will go all the way down to a men's size 6. We're gonna look fabulous... =)

Available only at bdga, ACU (Shanghai) and Wood Wood (Copenhagen). For more pics including a sneak peak at some brilliant packaging, check out:

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