Wednesday, May 16, 2007

great book, folks

[i'm tired of waiting for my computer to let me add pics...dunno what's up...but i'll post this up anyway! pics coming...]

Sorry to be late with this update, but it was lovely chilling with Claw in Boston last Friday. She came into town for a book signing and after party put on by the crew at bodega. Oliver even DJed... that's what I call hosting. Claw autographed books and posters, chatted with the young grafsters, and laughed at some dude who tried to pass off graffiti abatement as a youth arts program. yikes!

The book is full of gorgeous photos, fun collages and interesting interviews and quotes from a wide variety of heads. It's especially cool in this day and age of super-PR'ed, practically air-brushed stars, to have an icon who's not afraid to show off those dorky old pics from back in the day. Claw keeps it pretty down to earth...

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