Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Hello Everybody!!!!!! A few things, first you saw the new t-shirts Lori posted below, get your while they last. second, what do you think of the new blog logo? I installed a counter on the Blog (Finally) and I know there is at least fifty of you reading this Blog on any given day so speak up!!!! We want your comments and your thoughts!!! If you want a blog logo and link for your blog or myspace page get at me: shanan@femalesneakerfiend.com!! ALSO we need contributors to write for this blog and share sneaker/culture/art/party/news from the following areas:
Hong Kong
Mexico City
If you are interested please contact me with your resume and a little something about how you are involved with sneaker culture in your area. This is an unpaid position but there are perks to having an FSF association,,, believe me!!!
Thank you all for reading,, look out for my next few posts NEW YORKERS, there are some sick parties this week!

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