Wednesday, May 16, 2007

DQM x Beatrice INN

Last night there was a party for DQM (Daves Quality Meat at this spot in NYC thats is supposedly "exclusive" and hard to get into called Beatrice Inn, There was alot of the same people we always see.....movers and shakers into skateboarding and streetwear (whatever that means.....) and Beatrice Inn is a weird smelly claustrophobic place that still looks like the hole in the wall Italian Resturaunt it used to be, and probably wishes it still was. well I wish it still was......anyway, there was a good DJ...... he was Marky from the Ramones. and thats me and him, his friend made me get in the picture.

and I saw Yoshi from homeroom One of our favorite femalesneaker fiends!!!!!

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