Friday, August 17, 2012

Sneakerbox Truck Interview


On Wednesday I had the pleasure of catching up with Angela Schipano (left) and Tiff Crews (right), the fast-moving women who run Boston's Sneakerbox Truck. It's the only female-owned sneaker truck that I know of, so I felt especially lucky to have it in Boston. While chilling and interviewing them inside the truck, we had a constant stream of curious passers-by. Did our team do some quick business? Nope. Boston hasn't yet figured out how to license "fashion trucks," so these ladies are doing the right thing, working with the city, and limited to street sales from 8pm on and special events. Man, that's gotta hurt! But they're upbeat. Here's what they had to say...

FSF: What's been your favorite event so far this summer?
Tiff: It was definitely Arts in the Park. That was all about bringing the culture together--spoken word, graffiti, sneakers, hip hop, it was all there.
Angela: It was definitely our kind of crowd, and they loved the Truck!

(Note: Arts in the Park is happening in Cambridge this weekend and the Truck will be there...)

FSF:  What's been surprising for you all so far?
Tiff: So many things! In a business aspect, the amount of patience you have to have when you're starting a business. Working with the city, it's amazing how long it's taken to get a "fashion truck" permit. 

FSF: What's kept  you motivated through it all?
Angela: The consumers love it! They go crazy. Being out with our customers keeps us going.
Tiff: It's cool to see how people are so excited that it's two girls They ask us, "Who do you work for?" and we tell them we're the owners. And they love it!

Some of the other things folks are gonna love are their fly street wear collection, newest hats and select kicks. Keep it up gals! And coming soon, FSF apparel on Sneakerbox Truck! Let's do this...

For more of the Sneakerbox back story, you can read our earlier post here.  You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter (@sneakerboxtruck).  Or find them on the streets!

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