Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fringuese features FSF

My Ewing Swatts and part of my collection, as featured in Fringuese

I hadn't heard of Fringuese before, but that's not surprising since it's a hot new "fashion blogzine covering the latest trends in fashion, style, beauty and lifestyle." For those of you who know me, sneakers are the only element of fashion I pay attention to. Of course sneakers have been on more than a few women's fashion blogs of late due to the popularity of "wedge sneakers." Founder Alexandra Phanor-Faury caught up with me and asked me about my feelings about these oh-so-popular wedge sneakers, so I weighed in. We also had a fun chat about all things female sneaker fiend. I could tell we had an ally in the fashion world! You can read the piece and weigh in with your perspective here.

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MoSneaks Shop said...

Those are some hard kicks that i remember from back when...