Friday, August 10, 2012

Independent Fashion meets Sneakers

Since sneakers wedges have taken the fashion world by storm, other fashion based  sneakers have been hitting up the internets hard. For starters  two women who have been creating their own fashion staples with their funky sunglasses and unique jewelry pieces have gotten some great sneaker collabs on the way. These two women are Kerin Rose of AMorir and Melody Ehsani.

Sunglasses and accessory designer Kerin Rose has recently dropped a dope sequined skytop sneaker with sneaker brand Supra. This hi-top defintly has that Kerin Rose flavor and I can see this being a hot sneaker for the upcoming fall season. These skytops are out now at Supra and Karmaloop.

Up next with a September 30th release is jewelry designer Melody Ehsani who collabed with Reebok for her very own sneaker. With snake skin,studs and different color lace options these sneakers are definetly unique and edgy. Just like Melody's jewelery pieces.

As stated, these will drop Sept 30th. Stockist info will be available at Melody Ehsani's blog. These are defintley great alternivates from the sneaker wedge trend for those who are into fashion. Even though for some these may not be for your taste, you have to give them credit for doing something different and not going to Nike for their collabs.

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