Thursday, January 12, 2012

Product review: Reshoevn8r

So a few months ago, the nice people of Reshoevn8r sent me their sneaker cleaning product for me to use. Reshoevn8r is a new sneaker cleaning kit that's out on the market that is one of a kind. The Reshoevn8r system comes with 4 contents and 4 simple steps that will help rejuvenate your kicks. I'm glad that peeps at Reshoevn8r sent their product over because some of my kicks were in desperate need of cleaning. Especially these red canvas Nike dunks that have been in contact with sand,dust and other filth.

I applied the the Reshoevn8r kit which includes: 1 pair of adjustable shoe trees (sizes 6-13), 1 shoe brush, 1 reshoevn8r bag and 1 advanced sneaker solution.

I put the shoe trees inside the shoes then pre-treated the dirt stains on my shoes with the solution by using the brush. Next I placed my kicks in the bag by facing them in opposite directions. I then washed them in the washing machine using cold water and mild detergent. Once sneakers were done washing, I placed them out in my apartment for air drying. One thing I would like to point out is that you can also use the advanced solution to take out soiled stains for a quick cleaning without putting your kicks in the washing machine.

Here are the results......

Like New! So far I like Reshoevn8r and will be using this product on my other kicks. Thanks Carmadel and the Reshoevn8r crew! To cop your own Reshoevn8r kit, hit up

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