Sunday, January 1, 2012

Back to School: I've enrolled in OSD's the class

I've never thought I would say this but yes your girl here has taken her behind back to school. But school is different this go around. You want to know why? Because its run by OSD that's why! The reason why I've decided to join the class is because I still have a lot to learn about sneaker culture and the business. Even though I've been with FSF for 4 going on 5yrs and learned a lot , its always good to know more.

The first class, Sean aka Paper Chasr discussed important moments in sneaker history as well as our sneaker love story. Also Sean had me and my fellow classmate Preston pick(with our eyes closed) a sneaker brand in shoebox that was written on a piece of paper. Whatever we picked from that box was our sneaker brand for the entire semester. I picked an innovative sneaker company that focuses on running by the name of Newton. Which leaded into our first two assignments. We had to research our brand and present them in class and discuss which one of the important moments in sneaker history meant the most to us.

On week 2 of OSD's the class we discussed our assignments and continued on with the topic "Important moments is sneaker history". The Bloodline Fresh crew also stopped by as well as Gerald Flores from Footwear news and they also spoke about their important moments in sneaker history with the class. One of the highlights of week 2 for me was Gerald Flores who is an editorial assistant at Footwear News. Gerald spoke about the background of Footwear News and how it covers all aspects of the footwear business. Unlike like most footwear blogs or footwear media outlets, Footwear News touches on the finance side of the industry as well as the cost of materials and upcoming releases. Gerald also does in-depth interviews with designers and people in corporate. Another highlight for me that night was Sean's lecture on hype and how consumers need more discipline when it comes to buying kicks. He brought up a good point that people can have so much negative things to say about an upcoming rapper or musician but when it comes to a Jordan brand or Nike brand release people will hop all over it because of hype. Which is so true!

Next session we will have Premium Pete from Sneaker Tube tv and Ree of S'neads to talk with the class about their contributions to sneaker culture. Which I'm really excited about! :)

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