Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sneaker Savage!

Well it's way past 6pm and I'm writing this, so thankfully the world ending today was a falsehood. However, today was special in sneaker culture because SNEAKER SAVAGE happened! Sneaker Savage is the 1st sneaker show in Westchester, NY which has lots of potential to grow in this untapped market! Put together by @mrsneakersavage, it was a day of checking out kicks & apparel from Westchester sneaker lovers and businesses such as 2nd Nature, the only skate shop in Westchester with a full Nike SB account! Being the 1st event of its kind had its downside too..the turnout wasn't as great as expected, but people did show up, which is what mattered! Mr. Savage wants to do more planning for another show sometime this fall, so keep your eyes & ears open for the next show! Check out MORE PICS.

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