Monday, May 16, 2011

Andra Williams interview on FSF

Some folks think that females are getting out of the game, but quite to the contrary: I keep hearing about new female sneaker fiend websites! The latest that came to my attention is KICKmySOLE, designed and hosted by the talented duo of Andra Williams and Camille Bowers.

We caught up with Andra Williams this week. What qualifies this fiend to run her own site? Well, for starters it's commitment--she's been in the game for a minute and she knows her kicks. And for seconds, she's got the swag and attitude. Here's a sneak peak into the interview:

"One thing mainly is of course because I am 34 years young, many have said I should think about stopping buying kicks by now. In my rebuttal I say, 'You should start thinking about minding your own business now!'"

To read more, click here.

1 comment:

The Sneakerette said...

They run one dope site, I'm definitely gonna be a regular. Love her take on bein knowledgable on the kicks you're rocking.. she's totally on point!