Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nike is looking for a female sneaker fiend!

Nike Sportswear is hunting for a new Global Product Line Manager for women’s footwear, and they’ve come to femalesneakerfiend to find one... Could it be you?

Do you…

  • read enough blogs and magazines to know footwear trends for the USA and world market?
  • have the confidence to manage consumer focus groups, really listen to what girls want, and represent them at key events?
  • have the passion to help define the market place and propose a complete product line that will grab the attention of women across the globe?
  • have the people skills to ensure integration between Footwear, Apparel and Equipment?
  • have the brains, drive and commitment to jump feet first into this job, learn quickly and work your butt off to make NSW even better?
  • Have the sense of adventure to move to Portland AND to travel around the US and world up to 25% of the time?

If you want to work for Nike, you can't be shy about it, you can’t be humble about it, you have to go for it and go hard. Passion is contagious and undeniable; you can't fake it and you can't learn it. Somebody might have more experience or a higher degree, but do you have more knowledge about women and kicks? More drive, flair, humor and hustle? If you are serious, if you are genuinely interested in this opportunity, then follow the link below, and tell ‘em you’re a female sneaker fiend!

For more on how to get a job for Nike and what it's like working there, check out our article about women designers at Nike. Click here.

1 comment:

jenjen143 said...

Amazing oppertunity, I really hope one of the girls from our FSF family gets it! I wish I had my degree so I could apply! :/

Good luck gals! <3