Friday, February 20, 2009

Upper Playground-New York

I had no idea that this store existed in New York. Upper Playground has always been one of my favorite brands, with great prints and great quality. So we were just walking around when we stumbled upon the store. They had a big sale when I was in there, so I got some really good deals on the stuff that I bought. A real friendly and helpful girl was working when I was in there, so go check out Upper Playground!

The sweatshirt with Weezy and John Wayne is my favorite!!

I was wearing this shirt on the same day as we were flying home, didnt even think about it. When DEEP from 2HungryBros mentioned that maybe it wasnt such a good idea to board the flight with a tshirt print with a bunch of communist and dictators. Thanks for the advice DEEP!

437 E 9th ST in New York.

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