Thursday, December 4, 2008

FSF Photo Contest Winners!

Announcing the winners of the November Photo Contest! Our theme was "Get Out the House!" and we asked folks to take their sneakers out of their dusty old boxes and into the sunlight, more specifically, to a favorite place of some sort...

Our two winners are:

"Hi! My name is Keli -- attached is a picture of me in my Chad Muska Comakazi Supras. I took the photo in my backyard. It's one of my favorite (and easiest to get to) places to go to take photographs when I'm feeling inspired. (I'm an aspiring photographer)." [Click the photo to see it larger; it is really quite beautiful!--Lori]

"My favorite place on Route 66 to show off the kicks and purchase a 6 pack of old school sodas that I love: 500 plus ice cold sodas and sparkling waters from Austria's Almdudler Cola to Hawaii's Waialua Pineapple Soda, [and a] 66 foot tall soda bottle weighing over 4 tons."
--Devon Sheppard, at Pops Soda Ranch, Arcadia OK

Congrats ladies! You won free FSF SNKR SQD t-shirts!! Contact us for your size and style.

Our other favorites were:

"This picture is special to me because I actually spent time taking about 30 pictures and I chose this one because of the reflection. It is special to me because even after pouring rain, the picture came out great to me." Eleni in Jordan V Laneys

"It's tradition for my mom, dad and I to go pumpkin picking out in Long Island during the months of October or November. This is important to me because it’s my favorite time of the year, preparing for my favorite holidays (Halloween or Thanksgiving), with my favorite people..." Samianthaa, risking the dirty pumpkin patch with some clean Jordans!

"It was taken at Bhy Krackhe Park in Queen Anne (Seattle, Washington). It is important to me because a) those are my Holy Grails and b) that viewpoint is hella relaxing and I've had my fair share of fun times there." Kristi's OG Carmines

"This is the bench out of my house in Boston. I am Italian and I will be only here up to end December, and this bench has made a lot of company both to me and to my sneakers in the moments of loneliness. And reading is our passion (my and my sneakers of course)!!!!" Lavinia, sorry I missed you in Boston! Nice AF1s...

Thanks to all of our other entrants, too! So many great pics and kicks! (and stories...)

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Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

those 5s are sooo freakin ill... i keep sayin' i'm coppin these!!!